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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well, Hello There!


I think I may be the only person I know who doesn't  blog.  The thought had never really crossed my mind until very recently.  The hilarity that ensues in my household on a daily basis is deserving of a sitcom;  canned laughter  and all. My  mom is forever reminding me to "Write that down.  You'll want to remember it."  So, this is the manner in which I have decided to put pen to paper.

The theme in my life as of late has been what a top quality mom I am.  Friends are always quick to remind me that no mom  is perfect.   I am always quick to remind them that that saying was invented to make craptastic moms  like me feel better.  No one is perfect.  Duh. But, in the race to be the best, if slightly imperfect mom...I'm running backwards.  I have the innate ability to screw up just about every aspect of the child rearing arena.   No pity, please.   My self deprecating banter is just that.  A way for me to vent.   I know I love my kids.  I know I would catch a grenade for them. (You like that hip, musical reference?) I am also aware of my flaws and shortcomings as a mother.  Instead of beating myself up (too much) about it I choose to go forth with  honesty and  humor.

Care to join me?


  1. how exciting! looking forward to the laughs and therapy of sharing our craptastic parenting moments

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. It really helps get the frustration out and it's a way to realize it's not really as bad as you think. OK sometimes it is.

  3. You're a funny gal so I can't wait to read what you've got to write!

  4. OMG... You crack me up!! LOVE your blog! Mine has been silent for a long time, but after the move, it shall return! :)

  5. Just read your blog, and it seems we kind of have the same sense of humor and I just started blogging too! Good luck, I'll be following you:)